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Our Pricing

How much will an exotic animal encounter cost?

We want to be really transparent about our pricing so that you can choose us with confidence.


Our Overheads

Regardless of the service you require from us, our main overheads remain pretty constant.

They include

  • animal food and housing, veterinary care, and heating

  • office costs

  • insurance and licences

  • marketing costs

Your event

When you book us for an event we will charge you a price that takes into account 

  • your location (both distance and travel time)

  • the number of presenters you require

  • if you request any of our larger animals (that are housed at a larger facility and have to be collected and returned)

One World Animals Experiences
One World Animals Experiences

Calculating your price

Our prices start from £350 for any event.

If the journey time to your location is greater than 30 mins add £50; add a further £50 for each extra 30 mins.

If you require a second presenter add £125.

If you require the large animals (giant 3m snake, giant tortoise or owl) add £125 (minimum) - dependent on your location!

Our competitors

  1. Wild Fangs - pricing on enquiry

Other organisations that do similar services to ourselves have requested that we remove their details from our website.  So, we are sorry that, we cannot point you towards other suppliers of exotic animal encounters.

One World Animals Experiences
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