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One World Animals Experiences
One World Animals Experiences
One World Animals Experiences

Birthday Parties

An exotic animal encounter would typically include species such as Madagascan hissing cockroaches, giant millipedes, scorpions, tarantulas, lizards and snakes, a tortoise, and some small mammals and birds (e.g. mouse, ferrets, fancy chickens).


All our animals can be handled, apart from the scorpion (but he glows an amazing turquoise colour under UV light, so always wows).

We cannot guarantee the exact animals we bring as each has to be assessed on the day of an event for health and state of shedding / moulting and hibernation.


We will suggest one or two presenters (or more) for your event based on the number and age of children that you are inviting to the party.

We will also ask you to consider that the adults present at the event often want to get involved too!!


The greater the number of people, the longer it takes for each person to have their "turn" holding, stroking or wearing the animals, and younger children can get more impatient waiting for their turn! So each encounter is carefully designed to match your needs and expectations for a fabulous hour to 75 minutes of hands-on fun and learning."  

Prices start from £350.

School and Educational Visits

We can supply both 'Awe and Wonder' or curriculum specific encounters.  

For Awe and Wonder encounters a variety of animals will be presented and your students will be able to handle, stroke or wear them; these events promote character, confidence, compassion, enthusiasm, resilience, and respect whilst the children have fun!   This is a great event for a house prize or a full year celebration day.  A great many activities can also follow the event  e.g. maths activities such as surveys and graphs, pie charts and percentage calculations, English creative writing, 'my day with the animals' or, from the animals point of view 'the day I visited xxx school!', formal writing 'how to look after a tarantula'.  Ethics - should animals be kept in zoos? History - animals used as emblems through the ages etc.  Geography / Science - where do animals come from?  Why? Science - classification etc.  We are currently developing a database of suggested activities. 


For curriculum specific events we will tailor the talk to your curriculum needs, be it habitats, adaptation, evolution, classification or other curriculum requirements.  Just let us know what your requirements are!!

One World Animals Experiences
One World Animals Experiences
One World Animals Experiences
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